Does chlorophyll destroy body odor?

I hold impossible body odor and nought have stopped it (deodorant, soap, zinc/magnesium supplements). Someone mentioned that by taking chlorophyll it would run away. Is this true?


please offer as much info as possible and if you can a polite link

gratefulness so much, i connote it

Liquid chlorophyll is an internal deodorant that deodorises your interior and reduce the odour of everything that comes out including perspiration. The recommended amounts are usually indicated on the container.

Try a turn out for chlorophyll + odour (OR odor OR deodorant OR deodorise OR deodorises) and hopefully you will revise more.
Hon, is it what you are consumption? Have you looked into your diet and see if anything within could be the problem? Like, too much garlic intake not solely give you slayer breath, but it seep out of your pores surrounded by your body. As does too much alcohol and too plentiful drugs do. Some prescription drugs motivation b.o as okay. But yes, to answer the cross-examine, chlorophyll can relieve transport away some of the "smell" but alot of it have to be up to you , my friend.
Check next to your doctor as the most significant step. Doctors are competent to prescribe any treatment that you may require.Sometimes impossible body odour may indicate specialist attention man required...Good luck ...I'm sure that your problem will soon be resolved !.
The condition you described is set as 'bromhidrosis' and is a quite adjectives ailment. Chlorophyll does aid surrounded by the obliteration of body odor -- but the amount you consume is significant and tablets basically don't provide the volume required for efficacy and the best you can hope for is increased freshness -- but no curative results.

There are several types of bromhidrosis, the two chief ones one 'apocrine' (oil gland related) and 'eccrine' (sweat related).

Bromhidrosis may also crop up lesser to exposure to unmistaken chemicals. For example, DMSO which is a solvent used to deliver some medication and treatment modalities through the skin will impart a strong garlic odor as a result of it's use.

Bottom file:

If you hold apocrine bromhidrosis you have need of to utilize a soap honest at dissolving oil and may entail to go for a dip multiple times on a daily basis.

If you hold eccrine bromhidrosis you have need of alike approach, but this dedicated type is easier to control.

Both apocrine and eccrine bromhidrosis require the use of a polite deoderant -- try to find one which does not contain aluminum salt because they may contribute to the nouns of Alzheimer's dementia over time.

If you hold chemical bromhidrosis you necessitate to evaluate your environment for causative factor and undergo contained by mind that the foods you consume may be contributory to this individual type of the problem.

Should you pursue the chlorophyll route you should search out a well brought-up juicer and extract your chlorophyll from bulk vegetables such as parsley (particularly Italian parsley) -- which should be diluted near carrot due to it's hugely strong flavor -- and spinach -- but any green leafy vegetables will do other. This will be ultimately more cost and results efficient over time.

I hope this help.

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