Any suggestions on raw remedies for diarrhea and upset stomach?

Here's some possible homeopathic remedies (you can probably find most of them at the Vitamin Shoppe or Whole Foods bazaar within the 6C and 30C pellet forms:

Arsenicum For vomiting or diarrhea and frenzy, repeatedly beside anxiety, chills, and restlessness.

Belladonna For sudden illustrious restlessness next to flushed frontage (and habitually cold extremities).

Bryonia For headache or bronchitis or diarrhea near niggle which is much worse from slight motion (coughing, inappropriate, etc.).

Camphor For diarrhea near sensation of icy coldness all the same aversion to one covered.

Croton tigliumFor diarrhea, bleeding, and confusion.

Cuprum For diarrhea near cramps.

MercuriusFor diarrhea next to frenzy and salivation.

Nux Vomica: food poisoning, travel sickness, upset stomach, squirt line, hangover, indigestion

PodophyllumFor diarrhea near abundantly of gas (explosive diarrhea).

Rhus tox For diarrhea beside backbone and muscle pains and tremendous restlessness.

Sulphur For massively horrible diarrhea and rectal itching.

Veratrum album For diarrhea and vomiting.

I would cart Swedish Bitters for those complaints. It's worked great for me. It will settle your stomach. You can carry it at a condition food store. Take more or less 1 or 2 tsp. contained by a small cup of liquid. (It's pretty strong so that's why you should mix it within something.) In give or take a few an hour your stomach should get the impression better.
Pepto Bismol
Grapefruit Seed Extract, apple cider vinegar
OK for the diarrhea remedies are as follows:

To verbs the negative bacterias cause this antipathy you requirement to drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a chalice of hose down since respectively dinnertime.

You can also drink one heap teaspoon of cornstarch contained by a chalice of sea.

This date fund to the biblical times they right to be heard blackberry liquid, wine, Jam brandy- merely nearly any form of it. Recommended dosage every four hours size ounces of blackberry liquid; two ounces of blackberry wine;one heap tea spoon of blackberry Jam and two tablespoons of blackberry brandy.

Apples are great for stopping it grate an apple and tolerate it sit and turn brown you're letting the pectin in the fruit oxidize duplicating some of indistinguishable ingredients in the OTC drugs. Once brown you may want to mix some carob powder on it.

Upset stomach supply the white of an egg to a cup of marine and stir it for several minutes, after strain it through a cheesecloth and drink it slowly.

Papaya, pineapple,mango and kiwi fruits hold adjectives enjoy heeling enzymes. If you can get hold of the fresh ripe fruit, east a portion as dessert.

If the fruit isn't avail drink the liquid formulate sure the liquid is chemical addition free. ultimate resort thieve it contained by pill form to elevate your upset stomach.

Good luck and home these work for you the bearing they enjoy me.

Take clear sodas similar to sprite or 7 up beside crackers and bananas/ apple for snacks. Buscopan (not sure of the spelling) is also a correct medication for cramp. If you are already losing profoundly of fluid and your poop is fluid, stir to your doctor right away.
Try Bowtrol

Bowtrol for IBS is an adjectives inborn remedy to be exact clinically proven significant for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. If you are suffering from constipation, diarrhea, or both, abdominal dull pain, bloating, and heartburn more than once a month, you are not alone. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (also call IBS) affects in the region of 25 to 50 million nation surrounded by the US alone.

for more information see it here:
Yogurt, replaces the correct microbes within your digestive system
ginger will settle an upset stomach & acidophiles will support disagree the impossible microbes surrounded by the lower intestine and colon to rid the body of diarrehia

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