Whats that flap of skin for thats resembling inside your lip-gums above ur 2 front teeth??

you know similar to if you pinch up right until that time your 2 teeth within's close to this danglie flap article XDDD
why is it thereeeee.

"frenulum, a small fold of tissue that prevents an organ within the body from moving too far.."

In the mouth at hand is one on the upper mouth between front 2 teeth connecting the gum and the lip, and another underneath the tongue that connects it to the bottom of the mouth.

the 2 bottom links are pics of the upper and lower frenums.
i'm guessing it is to hold on to your lip close to your teeth to allow for pronunciation for sounds?
if we didn't enjoy it i wonder if our top lip would simply flap around :)
The skin that connects your gums to your jaws and cheeks is call Bucal mucosa.
That is your FRENUM. Some relations truly own them removed: a frenectomy.
Labial frenum-a nouns of tissue that connect your lip to gum (attached gingiva) not buccal mucosa.
Some pts elect to own this piece of tissue remove if it explanation their two front teeth to aperture (diastema)
Buccal mucosa is the echelon of tissue facing your cheek.

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