Do doctors receive money from referral?

I was recently at a dentist, and be told I needed a root canal. I had to get hold of one in the past, and be very happy near the Dr. who did the procedure before. When I told my dentist this, he insisted that I use a different one. One that he recommended. He never gave a cause why other than "this is whom he felt comfortable with" I reluctantly agreed to this, and told him I will form the appointment. Again he insisted on that his receptionist make the referring phone call. Being a existing estate broker, this is exactly how we handle referrals (and gain paid 25-50 % on each referral). I didn't estimate doctors operated in this behaviour, but maybe I am being credulous. If this allowed, how can ever trust a doctor to do what is in your best interest, and not theirs. Thanks
Answers:    Your dentist may be looking out for your best interest by referring you to a doc who's very perfect at doing root canals. There isn't that many skilled dentists who know how to do a excellent root waterway in NYC. Out of 100 dentists I've checked, I trust only 2. Here's what I'd do, verify that referred doc and ask a simple sound out. How many visits would it transport to do a root canal? A very obedient dentist should be able to do it in 1 stop by, if not, run.

In regards for kickback. For NY State, kickbacks are illegal and punishable. Majority of us don't achieve paid for referrals, but nearby are always some unscrupulous doctors who do. I don't get rewarded for referring, however, by referring several patients their way, that person is surrounded by a position to naturally return the favor by referring some patients to me..
There actually be a time when doctors got referral fees, but it's been dishonest for many years - for some of the reasons you mention.

Very few doctors would whip the chance of disciplinary action or losing their license for a few bucks on a referral payment.

However, there are other reasons that also may not be contained by your best interest, such as if they refer back to each other, or are lately good friends.

On the other hand, masses providers have specialists that they've worked with and trust. Doesn't anticipate others aren't as good, just that they know the specialist surrounded by question will do a good post..
As long as I have been working at a doctor's bureau, I don't remember us getting paid for referrals, the simply reason we write referrals is if that merciful is on Medicaid, and they are on our roster, and the doctor has to refer them to another dr. or specialist. If we don't do the referrals than we get hold of wrote up by the state. Like I said as far as pay, I never question medicaid, but by the amount of my check, I don't imagine we do. There's a gray answer to your question, they don't get money directly from your call in per se but the receiving doc will return the favor and refer his patients to your doc. Kind of a "you scratch my hindmost, I'll scratch yours" deal.
That is as expected if the docs trust they are sending you to someone capable of handeling your problem, it will look bad on them if they refer you to a quack..
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Dentists don't work that road. A lot of times they have buddies that they trust and they will persistently convey patients to those referrals, but no money compensation is involved. It will be guys that they are used to working with and they know will do the opening to their satisfaction.(Sometimes our referrals will convey us muffins and coffee and crap like that. Another doctor we send patients to will settle for lunch every once and a while.)

Maybe your dentist doesn't like the endodontist who did your previous root canal. Maybe he is trying to protect you from going final to that endo because they do sloppy work. Maybe not too. It's hard to say because it's wrong for us to say if we happen to know that Dr X does unpromising work. But the bottom line is there is never money exchanged for referral in dentistry.

~Stephanie, RDH .
Yes i would think that they brand money from referrals. Or maybe they grasp patients referred to them in return. They have orthodontists, endodontists and other dental professionals that they refer adjectives of their patients to. However you may get a discount for going to a specific doctor that you dentist referred you to. But you can go stern to the endodontist you like instead. Your choice.

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