Tiny black dot on tooth?

i have this tiny black dot on the side of bottom side of my tooth and i try to scrap it next to a needle but it does not go away and iv be brishing my teeth constantly every day what it it

(i have braces so tooth removal cant be an answere)
Answers:    some dentist believe contained by filling all spots. I consistency it is not required unless it is a certain depth...ie throught the enamel. If yoiu can stick the spot w/ a very sharp pin and it does not stick at adjectives you may be fine. It may in years turn into a cavity that neeeds filling eventually or it may not if yoioou are not much of a candy/sugaar eater. If it is a unbelievably vert small spot w/ no "stick" and no grey area around it ( like underneath the transperancy of the enamel) u r perfect..
you should consult your dentist for this. it can be caries or decay. if it is stain it should have gone when you own tried to scrap it. normally the cavity which are on the side or bottom of the tooth look very tiny from out side but quiet big as they sort of form a triangle beside the base towards inside. so you should not waste time and look in your dentist.For more information on root canal you can visit www.identalhub. com.they ave virtuous article on root canal treatmet. they have the facility for free dental consultation where on earth your queries are answered by the dentist. Could be stain, could be decay. Have your dentist own a look at it to be sure..
i have the EXACT same thing. its a decomposition or a cavity. u may need a filling that's call decay. you need a innards.

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