What are considered broad shoulders?


I just wanted to know, what in truth qualifies someone for having broad shoulders? Because I'm really confused whether I hold them or not :D
I'm 5'8" and my shoulders are 2 inches larger than my hips
Any clues?

Answers:    if you look like a giant square walking about, later ur screwed.
I dunno i think if you think your shoulders look broad after you do have broad shoulders but if you don't think they do afterwards you don't have them make your own mind up
If you really can't speak about and can't decide just compare yourself to your mate if your shoulders are broader than theirs then you have get them if not then you don't
breed ur own mind up it doesn't really make that much difference if you have or not anyway you simply have to accept them as they are at hand is nothing you can really do about them! :):):).
Shoulders near a bigger circumference than the hips is usually considered broad shoulders. You have! Broader than the hips is considered broad.

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