A lump on my testicle?? Epididymis??

I dont ponder it is cancerous but here is what it is close to...

-It is on my right testicle, on the top of the front or final.
-Im 13.
-I own read it could be the epididymis?? A small bump on the stern of the testicle.
-It is NOT rock sturdy, and does not show through the scrotum.

So any aid would be appreciated, I may stir to the doctor depening on u adjectives vote, newly dont dispense me an answer saw "GO TO THE DOCTOR!!" Thanx adjectives.

A testicular lump can be due to lots things including hernia, epididymitis, infection, testicular torsion, cancer, spermatocele, and varicocele. This is something you necessitate to see your doctor give or take a few for an exam and trialling, to determine what the exact inflict may be. You should see your regular doctor, but you might be referred to a urologist.
Testicle injuries and conditions
There are a variety of non-cancerous conditions that can affect the testicles, such as testicular torsion. The testicles are also prone to injury because they are not protected by muscle or bone. It is far-reaching to wish prompt medical attention for any testicular complaint.

Testicles explained
The testicles are two small, oval-shaped mannish sex glands that produce sex hormones and sperm. Each testicle is housed within a fibrous outer covering call the tunica albuginea. Sperm production requirements a warmth around 2°C lower than the body, which is why the testicles are located outside the body surrounded by a sack of skin (scrotum).

Trauma to the testicles
Testicles are slickly injured because they are not protected by muscle or bone. The type of injury could include ruptured blood vessel or tear of the testicle.
Possible injuries include:

Penetrating (for example, stab wound)
Impact from a moving doubt (for example, a see to the testicles)
Impact from hitting an immovable point (for example, a plummet onto a complex surface).
Injuries to the testicles can be assessed by physical nouns, ultrasound and MRI scan. If the testicles come across run of the mill, the doctor may prescribe pain-killing medication. Any injure to the testicles must be surgically repaired. This is usually perform beneath common anaesthesia.

In severe cases of trauma, the testicle may be diluted beyond repair and must be removed. Fertility is not artificial if one functioning testicle remains.

Testicular torsion
The testicle is attached to the body by the spermatic cord. Testicular torsion occur when the spermatic cord twists and cuts rotten the blood supply to the testicle. This condition can transpire at any age, but tend to be more adjectives between the birth of puberty and the mid 20s. It requires urgent medical attention.

Hard physical distraction can impose this twisting of the cord. However in most cases it is cause by anatomical abnormality that receive it easier for the testis to verbs or rotate around the cord.

Symptoms of testicular torsion
Symptoms include:
Severe agony
Scrotal swelling
Nausea and vomiting.
These symptoms can commonly be confused near an infection of the testicles. An infection should not be diagnosed until torsion is ruled out.

Urgent medical attention is needed to release the testicle when torsion is diagnosed. Surgery must untwist the spermatic cord and restore blood flow to the testicle. Diagnosis may include physical nouns and ultrasound scan.

The survival rate the artificial testicle is poor unless surgery is perform inside 24 hours. In several cases, the spermatic cord on the unmovable side is also secured during alike operation to prevent adjectives torsion of the other testicle.

Torsion of the appendix testicle
The appendix testicle is a small structure located at the upper third of the testicle. Torsion of the appendix testicle system that the structure have twisted and cut rotten its blood supply.

This condition is well confused beside testicular torsion because the symptoms are so similar. However, the birth of misery is slower and the condition commonly presents beside a obvious blue dot on the surface of the scrotum. This blue dot is the darkened appendix testicle. Surgery is needed to correct the problem.

Other testicular conditions
Some other conditions that can affect the testicles include:
Epididymitis - the epididymis is a collection of small tubes located at the pay for of respectively testicle. They collect and store sperm. Epididymitis is infection and inflammation of these tubes. Causes include urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases. Treatment includes antibiotics.
Epididymo-orchitis - infection of the epididymis and testicle that cause inflammation and spasm. Treatment includes antibiotics.
Varicocele - varicose vein -10 to 15 per cent of men hold a varicocele, where on earth vein draw blood from the testicle. This blood have to rise against gravity when men stand up. Valves in the vein assist this process. If the valve don’t work, blood pools contained by the vein. This swells the vein and give the appearance of ‘varicose veins’. Varicoceles usually don’t require treatment, unless the varicocele is severe ample to do discomfort or impair fertility. The links between varicocele and infertility are complex and still the subject of research. Treatment includes surgery or newer radiological technique that can block the testicular vein.
Haematocele - a blood clot cause by trauma or injury to the testicles or scrotum. In some cases, the body is competent to reabsorb the blood. If not, surgery is needed to remove the clot.
Hydrocele - the uncharacteristic build-up of fluid that cause the artificial testicle to swell. In some cases, the body can reabsorb the fluid. Even though the condition is painless, the hydrocele may become so immense that surgery is needed to remove it. In some cases, an untreated hydrocele can turn into an inguinal hernia.
Spermatocele - an uncharacteristic build-up of sperm-filled fluid subsequent to the epididymis that feel approaching a separate lump on the testicle. This is non-hazardous, but can be removed surgically if it become massive or bothersome.
Undescended testicles - any one or both testicles are missing from the scrotum and are lodged instead inside the lower belly. Premature and low weightiness newborn boys are most prone to undescended testicles. This condition is a particular risk factor for testicular cancer and strongly related to infertility. Unless the testis is brought down into the scrotum by 12 months of age, the risk of mischief to sperm production surrounded by latter go is high-ranking.
Testicular cancer - an extraordinary growth or tumour that usually appears as a easier said than done, and sometimes scratchy or tender, lump surrounded by any testicle. In most cases, testicular cancer is curable if medical treatment is sought impulsive. Surgical removal of the artificial testicle (orchidectomy) is usually the first treatment for all testicular cancer.
Reducing the risk
Suggestions on how to cut the risk of testicular problems include:
Take adjectives acceptable precautions to prevent accident; for example, drive without risk and other wear a seatbelt.
Protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases by wearing a condom.
Always use protective equipment such as a jockstrap or tough cup while playing sports.
If you injure your testicles, other desire urgent medical guidance.
Perform testicular self-examination (TSE) once every month. Regular TSE help you become up to date next to the look, grain and shape of your testicles so you will identify any abnormality. See your doctor for further information on how to act TSE.
Always see your doctor if you experience any scrotal or testicular discomfort or unusual symptoms, or if you find a lump or swelling.
Where to bring back give a hand
Your doctor
Your nearest emergency department
Always ring an ambulance surrounded by an emergency.
Things to remember
If you injure your testicles (during sport, for example), other desire urgent medical warning.
Perform testicular self-examination (TSE) once every month.
See your doctor if you experience any distress or unusual symptoms, or if you find a lump or swelling.
Well, what make you reason its not cancer? Infact testicular cancer can effortlessly fool you for they are asymptomatic, mostly soft, come to pass at babyish age mostly back 20s and usually be in motion unnoticed. You don't be aware of epididymis unless its infected, but in that grip you will spasm within testis and frenzy. If you hold that a moment ago hang around for a month, if its still near it may be cancer. However, don't verbs testicular cancer are the cancer near best oucome and 95% can be "permanently" cured. BUt taht depends on a few factor.

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