Does everyone cough when they smoke weed?

i can never stop myself from not coughing, is that ok?
Answers:    From my experiences, it's alright to let out some little coughs, but it's not alright to start hacking up your lungs. Everyone have coughed after a hit, don't worry about it.

I'm guessing you've be smoking joints and bowls too. If your lungs are weak I suggest getting a bong or a bubbler..
Rookie, smoke more weed or dont smoke at adjectives. Nothin worse than drivin with a chick and she cant even smoke a few blunts without coughing up a lung. Last time i pulled over and made the girl grasp out. We were on a road trip from louisiana to florida to go see some of my boys. i dropped her bad half way. So lesson is dont be disrespectful next to the L smoke. it depends if it's any good or not...

if it is some crap weed, then no.

but if u acquire some dro yea, ur gonna cough.

also depends what u smoke out of (bong, joint, blunt, etc.)

if u WANT to cough...make a gravity bong out of your hip bath ;)

fun stuff...
It depends on your tolerance, and the THC content of said weed. If it's "good ****", than you will most likely cough. basically try not to take to big of a hit. Get a controlled hit, and a good clear, if your on a bong. I used to cough everytime I took a hit. That be the old days though. I stopped smoking weed. Just make sure you own something to drink after you've taken a few. It helps stop the coughing. .
i think it's a moment ago something you need to get used to. i know society who are constant smokers who don't cough anymore, probably from smoking so much they got used to it.. You cough because you have little tiny hair at the back of your throat and they gradually burn away when you become a regular smoker..
yes reefer forces your bronchial tubes to instigate and you sunk in alot of oxygen thats why you cough when you smoke reefer also it hits your lungs all at once unlike cigs. Smoke going down your throat is a flawless reason why most people cough
Whats not ok is that YOU ARE SMOKING WEED. you are stupid. simply stop smoking, it's obviously not for you..
alot of ppl friend smokes weed more than me and she coughs more then me they do this inside snort coughing too. Odd. Great ask , though :).
are you admitting to a crime?

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