Painful whitehead on vagina? Please sustain.?

I just noticed something like a half an hour ago that I have a aching whitehead on the right lip of my vagina. There is a hard bump underneath of the whitehead and its pretty large. Could this be an ingrown fleece? I have had whiteheads until that time after shaving but none that have hurt and been swollen approaching this one.

I have had one and the same sexual parter for two years and we are both very faithful to respectively other.
Any suggestions on what this is?
Answers:    No, if it's near the entrance to the vagina what you most likely hold is a Bartholin's gland infection that sounds like it's pretty close to draining itself. You can try to encourage that by soaking your tush within a tub of water as hot as you can take it, or by applying moist boil to the area itself. Do not squeeze it whatever you do. You will also probably want to telephone call your doctor for an appointment to have it checked. If it doesn't drain on it's own, a gynecologist can do in incision and drainage procedure. You may call for some antibiotics to cover you as well. I don't suppose sex is really an attractive idea at the moment, but until this drains and heal, it's not really an option either. The gland does sometimes grasp blocked and infected, it's not usually anything to get worried about though. Just apply boil, and hopefully it will drain by itself. As soon as it does it will feel immensely better and go down surrounded by size. .
This proabably isn't a white head. DO NOT PICK IT! It sounds like a Bartholin's cyst. It's a gland surrounded by your vagina that can get clogged up and very inflamed. I would suggest reheat baths with epsom salt and hot compresses until you can see a dr. Again: DO NOT PICK IT! It will hurt so disappointingly you won't know what hit you. And it will not smell pretty. Just so you know this has nothing to do near STDs or being unclean or anything close to that. Just one of those random things. It could be a boil, which is an infected hair follicle. Ooh, sounds raw! Take care.

See link:
i have a pimple on my nutsack once. i popped it. and it wasnt an std im clean. ive been checked give or take a few couple times.

but im sorry. thats really funny
it is a harmless cyst that has become infected,try have a hot bath for 20mins and then squeezing it,it will eventually burst

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