Swollen lymph node within front of ear?

I have what I believe to be a swollen lymph node in front of my ear. It's be tender for a couple days now. About a week ago, I had a really fruitless cold, but I don't recall noticing the lymph node while I be actually sick. It popped up around the time I was recovering. Could this still be due to the cold? As far as I can detail, I have no infections anywhere else.
Answers:    If it makes you grain any better, My 13 year old daughter has the exact same symptoms, she have a cold about a week and a half ago and said her ear hurt for more or less 2 days just a little bit and in a minute this little pea size lump right in front of her ear, came up over roughly speaking a period of 3 days and was sore to touch. She also have one right under her jaw row that is sore. I think it is due to the cold. I may bear her to the doctor in a couple of days if it does not go down.

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