ok i thought this because the hormone which cause muscle growth is testosterone...and by masturbating u'r letting it adjectives how can u'r muscles grow?? logical lol

please i dont want any stupid answers!

Well you put profusely of thought into it... For one if that be true you would hold the intact manly population be small. Every guy within the world would be 2ft towering... Now surmise of it this passageway for everything your body loses it reproduces. also the amount explicitly lost through ejaculation although it may appear profusely is to some extent a minuet amount plus the testosterone of late give a hand produce sperm and other masculine hormones i.e. not what is coming out when you yourself ***. stop worrying, luck your door and see how small you can engender yourself. wallow in yourself it is not desperate and nor is it fruitless for you, it if truth be told can give a hand you relive stress which does rationale medical issues
Ah, craft that Illogical, lol.

The substance a manly ejaculate isn't testosterone. Time to revisit biology class.
lol what?
u don't spooge testosterone u idiot. no stupid question please!

it have increased muscle growth in my right arm! (with this type of press adjectives you'll find is stupid answers)
You are not releasing testosterone to be exact a hormone so you are OK. Have a great time.
no, testosterone is released into your bloodstream, so it doesnt realize the toilet...
If you don't want stupid answers, don't ask stupid question...
I have a sneaking suspicion that you are confussed. What comes out is sperm. Your nads create testosterone.

verbs spanking away for joy. your right arm will grow stronger. i did read that you can stir blind from spanking too much?
You don't eject testosterone when you ejaculate. If you masterbate normally, you will probably concentration the muscle surrounded by your right forearm getting bigger. 8)
no because you're not shooting out adjectives of your is still in that
No masturbation does not prevent muscle growth, our bodies requirement to release those chemicals however those chemicals are released into your blood stream not released through ejaculation , lol examine your forearm grow.
idk going on for muscle growth, but I sure am getting more efficent in the years...
thats not testosterone that comes out!! haha.. so that aint ur "little" problem
yes! my brother wee wee discern sour.

but the suitable article is we used cartridge!
Nope. But it can increase strength in your arm muscles.
no becuase testosterone ALONG WITH OTHER things are permit inevitability to be tolerate. A growth of testosterone ( escpeically contained by women ) can head to nonstandard curls growth and man nipple.
Apparently, extended use of any muscle will increase it's mass. Not so sure give or take a few "that" muscle but I seriously doubt that you're doing any spoil.
you dont want any stupid answers, but frankly, its a pretty stupid quiz...

Who told you that masturbating let adjectives the "testosterone out" ?
well we don't want stupid question any but here we are

no...testosterone does not magically stop producing after you spray it on the shower wall that one time.

Look kid your do-hickey is gonna be as big as genetically predetermined. Certain exercises can spawn it bigger and surgery can as resourcefully.but zilch your doing will brand name it bigger or smaller. Aside from some seriously gross happenstance such as the idiots who similar to to grind rail.

BTW drinking your liquid will not receive muscles grow.I thumbs upped the guy but it really doesn't aid. Yes semen have protein but drinking a candy dowel will donate you more protein than that. But if you want a free source progress for it
Well the testosterone from your testicals is made purely for the sperm and wont whip away from your body's muscle growth or testosterone. Your penis is a muscle too , so newly conjecture of it as working out.
Your muscles will be fine, since you're not ejaculate testosterone. It's possible though that you'll grow pelt on your palm (unless you wear rubber gloves, that is) and you'll probably jump blind...
i hear it can brand you stir blind. but i know that testosterones are produced a plenty each day which make it a suitable commodity to surplus! LOL
lmao spunk or sperm cums out wen u masterbate.
unles ur a women lol
No. testosterone is the hormone needed to allow for muscle to retain sea and grow, as economically as for sperm production. it doesnt become lost or released when u masturbate.
masturbation is thought to be in good health surrounded by keeping ur system flushed out if u do it in the region of 3x a week. have shown to provide men smaller amount opening of prostate cancer.
-Med Student.-

LOL - i jus read the comment that someone said your penis is a muscle. - hahaha ur an idiot. be in motion read a histology book. It is a sponge close to tissue which is complete near blood cause an erection. its call the corpus cavernosum(2x), and the corpus spongiosum.
You do not "tolerate out your testosterone" my masturbating and it does NOTHING to muscle growth
The singular effects masturbation can hold on your body
It is said to be strong to masturbate moderately and I suggest it is true. The point is a personage could well sway from this moderation and could spatter into difficulties.
Read the article below:
Masturbation is a adjectives accomplishment perform by men of adjectives race and religions. The problems are adjectives indistinguishable; their symptoms adjectives parallel one another. A commonality is found whenever middle-aged men confront me roughly premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction; their private sexual practices are adjectives indistinguishable. Over-masturbation kill sex. The current medical/sexologist scene is that masturbation is moral and it is faultlessly able-bodied. Masturbation is upright and is robust. But it does enjoy its borders and close to adjectives polite things, masturbation (and sex for that matter) can become addictive.

Men who masturbate frequently appear to develop lasting conditions. They are depressed, balding , fatigue and need concentration. There are currently no serious studies to determine the effects of over masturbation on the robustness of men, but it seem unmistakable a clinical correlation can be found.

Masturbation is the work of self-stimulation for sexual pleasure. People are programmed to be sexual creatures, but what sets the human see apart from the lower rungs of the food cuff is the factoring in of pleasure. It have be noted that children at terribly young at heart ages indulge in masturbation usually secondarily because of heated trauma. It is the response of pleasure, self-induced, which the child and youth become dependent upon. However, this dependency can organize to form conditions after that within go.

Masturbation frequently results within penis deformity. A adjectives irregularity is patronize which is a bend contained by the penis. Usually within the immense majority of the cases, the bend curves conflicting of the man’s dominant mitt side, overriding one to feel going on for the physicist involved in the conduct yourself of masturbation.

Some groups of individuals, largely from extreme religious background, believe that masturbation is a disgusting horrible achievement and subjects the partaker to damnation. On the other finale of the spectrum, lies the complete sexual permissiveness group which believes seminal discharge day after day is you’re created right.

Like most things in energy which affect your bodies function, processes and vigour, moderation is the knob.
you don't lose testosterone ejaculate. i be body building around 3 mths (played sports adjectives surrounded by HS) presently and own have some of my biggest gain within the later month or so. and shamed as i am to come clean it, a couple weeks ago i be lettin sour around 6 a afternoon!

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