Does your body digest semen?

my girlfriend told me just this minute that you cant digest semen and that after a while doctors will hold to complete a procedure that involves pumping your stomach.

That's of late crazy communicate Spongebob.
i assume to be exact her style of unfolding you she doesn't want to complete oral sex..the semen breaks down and is wrapped up into your blood stream so yes in a process you do digest it

also in that are abundant studies on the possible strength benefits of semen..for instance a few studies find that women next to depression appear to receive better when they "digest"semen and it have be found to be strong for the should do some reading on it it's interesting
I enjoy never hear of such a item contained by my life span.. That is a short time ago crazy cooperate
no your body does digest semen they do not necessitate to pump your stomach as soon as semen enter the stomach if it doesnt stripe the esophugus on the course down, semen is primarily mucus it cannot impair you contained by any road
I can't believe you believed her.
as said, thats her mode of dictum she doesn't want to swallow. its simply not true. if its ingested, its digested close to pretty much everything else. and if it wasn't, it would simply overrun on through resembling corn.

though probably short anyone as identifiable.
I own normally hear that the human stomach have plenty bitter contained by it that it can get through through heaps layer of steel, so that said I really don't feel seaman would own much of a luck of survival. Also it sounds as if she have be mislead and does not want to do oral sex. I know it is amazing this tart surrounded by the stomach, next y doesn't it devour it's bearing thorough? I guess the linen in in that is stronger than steel
semen have follwoing things
1) protein
2) sugar
3) water
4) sperms
5) some hormones to gross sperms motile
item number 1,2 and 3 are adjectives slickly digested by stomach. item number four explicitly sprems ar eliving cell and a short time ago kill by tart surrounded by stomach and passed on to waste
item number 5 is passed on to liver or only just wasted
no damage a entity can get hold of if he dricks semen except to win an STD

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