At what age do boys start have sperm?

you know how most gurls start there period at age 11-14.. what do guys capture and is there a certain age they capture sperm? and at what age does there things start getting hard?
Answers:    Boys develop on different schedule according to their inborn design. Things can happen at different ages.
Boys can have erections at adjectives ages. Even infants get them. In puberty, frequency of erections increase, and they sometimes occur for no source at all, as if the penis is saying "Hey, look at me! I'm prepared for action!"
Another development contained by puberty is when boys gain the ability to ejaculate. The fluid that comes out is called semen. Often the first few times a boy ejaculate, the semen will not have all the ingredients and it will appear transparent. Later the other ingredients include in and the semen will gain its milky or pearly opaque color.
The sperm is one of the ingredients contained by the semen, the part that makes babies. The sperm may be present contained by the semen before the white color appears.
These changes turn out in boys between the ages of 12 and 16, with a broad variation. Some boys may start even later..
an erection is NOT a sign that a boy/guy is aroused sexually.

erections start when the child (boy) is an infant. the body does this for various reasons. one is to save the sponge tissue (the penis) healthy by bringing blood to it loaded with nutrients. secondly, guys find erections when they sleep sometimes so their body knows it is time to pee. how? if you have an erection, you cannot pee. erections, surrounded by this way, prevent someone from peeing even when the bladder is full while asleep.

sperm is produced at puberty which can be as early as 10 and behind schedule as 15. note that periods can start as rash as age 9 up till 15 or even 16. it varies on race, diet, genes, and other factor.

(thyroid, endocrine) gland deficiencies can slow down or speed up sexual development as very well. if you take steroids, either as a mannish or female, you will affect your body. i believe i had read that the "boy hercules" (google him) be fed testosterone at age 8 by his dad to compete. he had reach puberty THEN!

so, the lesson is that the answer can vary..
Our things can get not easy from the time we're born, but we dont start having a lot of uncontrolled erections until we hit puberty. That's going on for the time we start to produce sperm. For me it was around my 13th birthday. A boys "thing" has the aptitude to get hard adjectives of there life, and they shift through puberty usually between 10 and 13 though 10 is very rare..
Boys can win erections from like the age of 10 but ejaculation really varies from boy to boy, most enjoy ejacualted by 16 I know of a 12 year old boy getting an 11 year old girl pregnant.And boys start getting erect rash. Try changing a boys diaper. OMG how gross..
Why would you want to know that! Lmao!
It can vary from 11-14 for sperm and 'getting hard' can be from a exceedingly early age.
Jay Pee.
i started having mine at nearly 9. so the average is about 9-12(why is a girl asking this) 11-13ish is a good estimate.
it depends. conceivably from age 11-14 about 11.
12-15 10..
I was around 10 at the time... 10 is hasty... but it depends i got spearm at 11. i got drizzling when i was 12.
I was 12 or 13 around 10 or 11.
around 11 or 12 years older i got my sperm at the age of 12.

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