How far should you plug a pill within your anus?

I am trying to get the pill to take affect faster and not sure how far to push it up>>>
Answers:    until you can piece it.
If you've ever seen a model/picture of the human body, you will know that the intestines are not linear; rather, they must be folded up to fit surrounded by the abdominal cavity.

You'll have to overcome this folding in direct for the pill to work properly. The first step is to take a pipe cleaner and insert it through your rectum. Bypass both sphincters, and continue pushing. (Forgot to mention, you should also enjoy pen and paper in hand). When you encounter the first intestinal turn, draw it out on the newspaper. Continue to map your intestine in this manner. Stop when you make your pyloric sphincter.

Withdraw the pipe cleaner, and dispose of it properly so that small children won't catch ebola from your infected feces.

Shape a wire coat hanger into the shape described by your intestinal map. Wrap some double-sided video on one end; attach the pill(s) here. Insert it until it reaches the proper depth determined closer.

To speed things up, douse the pill in everclear and light it flaming (fire-rather, the heat it provides-is always a adjectives catalyst!).
Suppository administration is a hobby of mine. Ideally this is best done with what is particular in our circle,or "ring fling" as we sometimes refer to it , as a "spotter." Have your assigned spotter insert said pill, then through practical manipulation and body english, to a depth of 4 fists. Good luck. What kind of pill is it that you need to place it into you anus? Do you take place to mean a supository? Such as used for hemeroilds? In that case you must push it beyond the spinter muscles so that it is completly inside..
Hmm...capably I prefer using M and M's..but whatever works for you. I'd just use a tresses dryer and let the pill ride the air current. Good luck!

EDIT: Listen to Rousseau..she's a bona fide butt nurse contained by real life and know these things. A butt expert!.
As far as you can I guess.

What pill are you taking?

I used to know some people who would plug ecstasy pills. Haha..
If works faster if you swallow it. Shoving it up your anus will run longer to be absorbed, Be sure to chase it down with a wine enema for increased effect.

Good luck!.
As far as your finger will realize. YOU DON'T PUT PILLS UP YOUR POOP SHOOT!

please, just dig it out of your anus and swallow it. at least possible as far as the plunger that you use to push it will go!.
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