How soon after vasectomy can I start to masterbate?

Answers:    Ummm, why must you masturbate? Ok, if you are trying to clear out the live sperm I understand. I did the same. I did so, because I was so paranoid about making a baby, that I didn’t want to put “Mr Happy” back in my partner until I knew he was safe. From that standpoint I totally understand.

Otherwise I see no point in masturbation. It does not offer much sexual satisfaction. But hey, each to his own. I am not going to judge you.

I would wait a week to 10 days. I was having sex after a week, when I had mine.

Good luck.
Lol, if all you do is masturbate, why did you have a vasectomy?
I think I would have asked this question this way, "How soon after a vasectomy can I start having SEX'!
While there is nothing wrong with masturbation, I think my first thoughts would be on when I could have sex, seeing as how one who would need a vasectomy probably gets one to avoid pregnancy with those he is having sex with! No body gets pregnant from masturbation.
In any event, it would probably be better if you called your doctor and asked him, after all he knows your personal information and anything particular surrounding your vasectomy anyway..
Your Doctor will tell you. You're going to have to masturbate a few weeks after you have your vasectomy done, cause the Doctor will need to see if your sperm is sterile. You may have to give him 2 or 3 samples before he knows if you're okay, I had to do it three different times for him before he said it was okay. Well as soon as you feel up to it:you will stop if it hurts you,
I myself would have asked the Surgeon who performed it:are you an adult?
as soon as u feel ok just be careful not to smack ur b*lls to much that could hurt Isn't it 3 months?

Ask your doctor would be the best idea..
You obviously have a dr. He would be the one to ask. be carefull 10 days..
I did after 6 days

I'm fine!

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