Penis erection while urinating surrounded by men's room .?

i can't urinate while in men's room,,,my dick erects when i take it out of fly.
it's deeply embarrasing at times when other college students glance at it !
what to do ?
Answers:    Sounds like you haven't be exposed too much to being around other guys and being nude or semi nude, hence you find aroused. Common in younger guys, you probably need to obtain more used to being nude as much as possible so when your penis comes out, you don't get excited. Just adopt nude is natural..
i think you are the most foolish entity on earth& the person who are giving answer to you -as i read them.
the simple theory is that a fit person have more erection & it is the sign of virtuous health.pennis gets erect when eyes saw sexy things& why you get shy i if other person saw yours,& i tell you one things some boys come one and only to saw other boys pennis& not for urinating. I think the best option is to use a cubicle..

Why do you receive an erection? Are you sexually attracted to guys? In that case - definitely use a cubicle!

Otherwise, a short time ago relax and shake the penis a little - your erection should subside..
It's been my experience that most men don't look at another man penis while urinating in a mens room but if they do, I wouldn't worry around it. At least you won't have any trouble hitting the urinal. The cubicle is emphatically the answer! You can even close your eyes, breathe and concentrate on the peeing.

And yes you are very likely to be gay as you acquire excited by the idea of seeing penises around you. .
that is so, you can not urinate when the penis is errect, any urine comes out or semen only one at a time. BOYBOYTRY TO DRINK A LOT OF WATER
Guess you'll have to hold it until you can find a bathroom next to no one in it but you. Ask for a's the best style.don't try your own therapies. otherwise it's gonna be a problem!.
use a cubicle if your bothered, especially when hard
Stop person a homo and you wont get a hard on when you see dudes.
lately use a cubicle it's private and you can get rid of it manually in here use a stall, if you don;t want other guys to see it..seen one, send them al...
A. Ignore it

B. Do as I do - start masturbating, and they will join together you !

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