What happens if you jack off too much?

Answers:    It's difficult to say what too much is. If your penis starts to hurt, then you're probably doing it too much. If it's a struggle to get to orgasm, then you probably haven't rested long enough since the last time. It's typical for males to masturbate an average of once a day, according to a survey of over 10,000 males by the web site HealthyStrokes.com in the second half of 2007. But there are also many guys, especially younger ones, who masturbate about twice a day..
no such thing as too much, my friend. just don't do it before you're gonna get with a girl. otherwise your plumbing might be a little slow to respond. become dependent on that process and don't or others can't satisify one.

Empty the semenial/sperm resevoir.

overworked penis .
don't you have anything else to writing about ?? unintelligent if you ask me

Nut, sit back a have a good laugh anyways. unappreciated in this yahoo.
it is very hard to masturbate too much
your penis will let you know if your are jacking too much, it stops getting hard and you don't shoot off You begin to enjoy yourself to much. That is what makes guys gay.
It may end up in pre ejaculation. To much causes pain from congestion..
nothin at all pump away my friend it makes it very hard to have sex

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