Why do children capture hyper when they are over-tired?

My husband looks at me really fascinatingly when I relate him his daughter is "over tired" when she appears to be full of boundless vim and discussion ten to the dozen hours after her bedtime.

My daughter be equal, after a interval when they appear tired (as within drowsy, yawning etc) they gain a second meander and run around approaching a dervish giving the image that they're not tired at adjectives, until you product them steady down adequate to drop rotten to sleep.

Why is this?

PS Before anyone make comments in the order of children need regular sleep and bedtime routines etc, I am discussion in the region of peculiar special occasion when she's have to stay up long-gone her bedtime, eg a marriage ceremony reception.

It's not basically children. I catch approaching that too and I'll be 20 soon hahah I really cant explain it, but I judge the merely point you can do is bring back her to stillness down and try to sleep. .

Good luck! Over-tired kids/adults are a handful to do business beside =-P
Chemicals contained by food & home products are some of the reason thought to be aft this type of problem.

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