How do i document perrla contained by pupils when performing director to toe assessment?

I'm not sure what you stingy by 'document'. Do you expect how to check for PERRLA?
PERLLA channel pupils are equal, round, reactive to flimsy and detached house.
To do so, you look at the pupils ensure they are symmetric within size. Then using a penlight, you shine the light into respectively eye circuitously and look for the direct and consensual counterattack to bedside light. Both pupils should constrict equally next to street light. To check for building, you hold your finger at 10 cms from the forgiving's proboscis and move within towards them - as you do this, consider that they enjoy an place to stay response, objective that they are focusing in on your finger.
To document PERRLA in your chart, you lately write 'PERRLA' below the pave the way and collar partition of your physical exam.

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