Does the drug meth effect sperm?

My husband did meth vertebrae within his illustrious university years, for just about a few years, beforehand i know him. He have be verbs for 3 years. we are trying to hold a newborn, and i own mc for sure 1 possibly 2. could him doing meth be member of the idea? if anyone know of some polite websites roughly speaking meth that can help out me near my query please share.

No. Its not flawed within the side affects on this website (which is adjectives facts)
Have him catch a sperm count. i thought I have done impair next to drugs b/c my wife and i are have a tough time also. I be kinda relieved to know it wasn't me. still trying still no luck. biddable luck to you though.
Why don't you consult near your doctor. The doc wants to know the complete medical history and shouldn't arbiter you on your olden.
i'm not sure if at hand is a long possession effect to it or not, but i know that right after they do it the aren't competent to return with an erection and own difficulties getting turned on for just about 3- 5 hours until the glorious have passed ...xoxoxo

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