Pepper Spray / Mace owners/ childproof are they?

I own a 20 month dated son, and I'm looking to buy pepper spray to keep hold of on me while we're out alone. Most that are small satisfactory to fit within my purse or attach to my keychain look close to they are as simple as a hairspray bottle. Anyone own any suggestions?

All of the ones I own see and used own a simple, plastic piece that slides into a lock position so that the button cannot be accidentally pushed, however that slide can be completely well slid from the lock to the unlock position by a child & they do look a bit close to a toy or something interesting to a child. I would only just be sure that you don't allow him into your purse. When you're home - place it up on a shelf and when you're in the coup¨¦ - own it subsequent to YOU while he is secured surrounded by the coup¨¦ form, etc...
I own a purse one and it is contained by no method childproof. The boater only just comes bad and later you push it to spray. I would suggest putting it in a place he cannot capture to. There might be some brands out in that that are a moment or two safer so you could research into that. I don't know perchance you could find a child proof bottle at your house and slip the other container into that or something.

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