Can paint fumes grounds a sore throat?

I was painting my dogmatic hallway today and developed a wicked sore throat shortly after I be finished. I tried to have as much ventilation as possible but due to the tight space, I be still pretty enclosed. So, I am wondering if that is the make happen of my horrible sore throat. I was using acrylic based paint explicitly about 3 years old if that help any. Thanks for your help!
Answers:    yes it can . i had one a week ago. i painted my room and i be inhaling it and it just got worse. i go to the doctors and they said it was the cause. .
Acrylic paints are mostly not hazardous but I suppose it is possible. But more likely you are coming down with something. There is a bug going around where on earth I live that starts out with a sore throat and then it get into your head and sinuses with a hallucination. i came down with the entity yesterday at work. A lot of my coworkers have the bug as do many of the member of my church. It's seems to be spreading like hot cake. Yes, drink lots of water to sooth your irritated throat. Juice is also helpful.

Next time, try a painter mask, available at Home Deport, Lowe's and most Paint and Hardware stores. That will help..
It's possible. If you own a fever along with that sore troat, however, you probably own caught a cold or flu so see your doctor just the same. sure any type of fumes can end in irritation skin throat whatever even hives.
Sure you can hun.. I think so if the intensity is too big...
I suggest you to get a fan to permit the air circulation better.
yea , next time you're fine art make sure its not so enclosed or wear a camouflage .. it should go away in a few days , yes they can. see your doctor if it get worse. try to get a lot of fresh nouns in your system..
yes yes.
yes yes,
u should have worn a pall.

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