When i poo, my anus hole stings profoundly, and for a while bit of neutral smeared blood is on the tp when i wipe, and?

usually my poops are normal, not to hard not to soft, and i notice that when it bleeds and stings, i have really runny acidy poo, and it stings to the point where i want to cry a great deal, and im a 15 year old guy, and then i did a self nouns, i noticed i have a to some extent large tear on my anus hole, rather bit bigger than an eraser, and this might be the problem, and i also sometimes when i go to wipe, i stick my finger in my anus hole near tp on the end, and swirl it around to make more poo come out intentional, i dont know why i do that it just feels honourable when the poo eventually comes out, but the bad part is thats also most of the time when my hole starts hurting and bleeding, i be wondering if there is anything i can do to fix the problem, im not gonna stick my finger in at hand anymore, because i think thats the reason, but how do i procure rid of the rather large crack? r there any home remedies for me to use to do that, please dont think im wierd for doing this, im a moment ago needing help is adjectives, thank u!!
Answers:    Well for sure stop doing what your doing. I don't think it is necessarily a bad article. But it sounds like that is what is cause the tear and bleeding and stinging. If it doesn't go away once you stop next I think you may have a hemorrhoid. For those you may use preparation H. Or jump to your doctor. .
1) don't stick your finger up there anymore
2) try eating more fiber
3)Try going to a doctor on-line and ask them if your too flushed to talk to a real doctor in recent times search it up on google there's a couple sites
4) guy gays stick stuff up there and i don't ponder there buts bleed lol.
wow that was wayy too much information... you want to go to a doctor you weirdo Ewww, go ask your mom! .
I don`t know its because you dont drink water

try drinkin 2 liters of water per afternoonand go see a doctor.
go to a doctor. The best entity to do is start taking a daily stool softener because its gonna keep irritating it respectively time you do that. It sounds like you have a rip, or hemorrhoid which can be caused by constipation. The best things is to buy and over the counter hemorrhoid cream and just since you go to bed put some on this will allow the ointment to stay contained by place the entire night without man rubbed off. When you wake you should see some increase. Be sure to keep your diet high contained by fiber if your prone to constipation. Good Luck!

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