Do girls Orgasm when riding motorcycles?

I own commonly wondered if girls/women ever hold orgasms while riding motorcycles next to adjectives those constant vibrations and legs spread on both sides of the bike.

I'm sure some do. I've be on bikes and ski-doos and horses and I've be raining.
motorcycles are hot ;)
They can. I know some who speak they did. And I believed them.
Odd query... not sure, never be on a bike... hmmmm, I don`t know I should try.
Do they orgasm when riding horses?
hahaha...never have a ride on motorcycles but I'll try it n i'll convey u =]
P.S. I don't come up with so tho...
a little but its not close to a big orgasm tis purely resembling a moment or two intuition not resembling a orgasm economically it is purely a really small one
own fun!
its never happend to me lol
I never own.
Harley's are the best!
i ride a scooter to the college everyday...
i didnt touch anything,run of the mill track close to usual...
lol...strange press...
Interesting question--biker gals are pretty frank...especially when partying...
Never hear them mention orgasms on bikes...

Not to use their precise language--

They Do mention: sore buns, thighs, pelvic bones...and that Passenger places, for the most constituent, are self-conscious, unyielding, and lacking for long rides (exception for comfort cruiser passenger seat). Those that ride their own bikes state that the Drivers seat is bearing more comfortable.

Also mentioned: a pad bicycle short, or feminine wipe help appropriate humiliated pressure that Hurts bad their pelvic nouns, especially on Long trips.

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