How do you correctly insert a tampon withoutout breaking the hymen?

My mom told me that I can use tampons for gym! And she said that tampons might break your hymen.

First, I wanna know where the hymen really is. And I want to know the correct way to insert a tampon, in need damaging my hymen. Because if your hymen broke, there's no point of telling poeple if you're a virgin or not right?

Second stale, can someone tell me which brand of tampon is the best? Like a tampon where you don't perceive anything. Do Kotex work? Tampax Pearl? Playtex?

And it will be helpful to give me a join to see all of this!

Thank you!
Answers:    First off, when u use a tampon, it's not expected u will break your hymen. like seriously, i dont know ANYONE who has broken here hymen using a tampon. The most important thing to do is relx. the tampon go in so much easier if you arent tense!!
1) playtex kind glide is a very devout kind because it goes up nice and unproblematic. use plastic, it doesnt hurt like cardboard. try to get some munificent of slender to use.
2) wash your hands
3) two option!
a. finger yourself to ttry and find the hole
b. use a mirror, and look for the hole. the opening is the second hole closest to your butt hole (the one you poop out of) if u cant find it, pee and figure out which hole it come out of, then go one closer to the put money on and thats the one
4) open the lips of your vagina using your finger. but first you can any squat a bit, or put your foot up on something, either way, it help to get the tampon in.
5) place the tampon at the exit of your vagina
6) angle the tampon towards your back, but kinda upwards. if you cant find the angle try different ones until it goes up.
7) push tampon within until your fingers touch your body
8) then puch the tampons second half inside the other, and verbs out the applicator
9) put the applicator back inside the wrapper and throw it away
10) rewash your hands

If the tampon hurts or isnt far ample in pull it out and try again. the first time it may perceive uncomfortable, but as you frequently use it, you wont even feel it. dont wear tampons fr more afterwards 8 hours.

when pulling out the tampon out, get back into the position you started. verbs slowly at the same angle u started. it doesnt hurt, but when you get closer to the passage, you may need to pull a bit harder. once the tampon is out, you should any wrap it up in toilet paper or flush it. read the support of the box for more info.

I hope this helped, i recently well-educated how to use tampons, but since then, i have qualified 10 of my friends how, and they were all successful. obedient luck!!

You know, there's no real way to avoid tear your hymen. You may have already done it by exercising or something when you were younger. Having your hymen torn is no big business deal and in no way does it be paid you any less of a virgin. The majority of women have already broken it previously they have sex for the first time. I did. You're a virgin until you have sex. That's adjectives there is to it.

I use Tampax Pearl. Most women here will suggest that or Playtex. Get slim/junior/light tampons to start out with so that it doesn't hurt as much when you first try it..
The hymen is overrated. It can break due to riding a horse/bike or physical pursuit. If you break it you break it.

Try tampax pearl lites, they are very slender and have a plastic applicator and are excellent for beginners.

the hymen is of late an extra skin thing surrounding ur vagina. inserting a tampon wont break it, it will only stretch it at most. and no, if ur hymen IS broken, it doesnt imply ur not a virgin. in fact, folks break them all the time falling off things or playing sports. use tampax. firstly, hymens hold nothing to do with virginity, whether you enjoy a one or not.

plus i know tampax is a good brand but ive never tried kotex or playtex.
if you want a good site give or take a few tampons and stuff go to
it has lots of information..
some relations are born without a is just a piece of skin
the box have directions on now to insert it
i would reccomend playtex sport since it is gym time.
There is no way to use tampons lacking breaking your hymen. well ima sorry to say this but at hand is not possibleway touse a tampon and not break it .
idk will answer all of your questions.
Where is your hymen?

Get a foot mirror between your legs and look at yourself "down there" as you open things up with the fingers of your other appendage.

Compare it to

That said... nevermind about breaking it. Most girls have broken theirs (through inujry/accident, masturbation, or even hustle and bustle like dance, gymnastics, bicycling or horse-riding) *long* back they ever have sex. (and my stepdaughter began using tampons for her second spell - just 3 months after her 11th birthday).

Tampons with plastic applicators *definitely* spawn things easier for girls who've never used tampons before... but once you know how, anything that's comfortable to wear will be easy to insert.

Helpful suggestion (beyond the semi-useless package directions)? Yeah... just three things:

1) Aim the tampon more towards your support than upwards... your vagina actually goes *back* for more than partially of its length, not just up... and push it in sympathetically (twisting it back and forth a bit might help it slide more easily) as far as the applicator will jump while you're still holding the end of it.

2) It'll be easier to do the first time if things are slippery "down there", so don't wipe away any blood and stuff until you've got the tampon contained by place. If there's very little blood there, newly smear a couple of drops of saliva on the tip of the tampon (or its applicator if it has one) and it'll make things greatly more comfortable.

3) Relaxation is **important**. If relaxing isn't easy for you, try pushing just for a moment bit as if you're trying to poop or pee... your pelvic muscles will relax a bit and that will help a *lot*.

There's an OK video instruction about it at

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