I sometimes pee when I finger myself?

When i masturbate a lot of the time I feel approaching I have to pee and sometimes I actually do. So presently I do this over the toilet because I dont know when I will actually *** or pee. I want to know why this is happening because i dont want to pee within the future when I am with a guy. But I am 13 right presently.

I am sure its pee and I want to stop it.

thank youu :D
Answers:    this is exactly the same 4 me babe
even when i hav sex, i sometimes pee- sounds horrible, yh. but its wen i hit my G-spot and keep touching it. i with the sole purpose pee wen i am on top and thats becoz it gets my G-spot more. i now be in motion for a wee before fingering myself and before sex. x this does help out. sometimes i think it feels nice to finger myself that much, i closing stages up weeing. so i do it over the toilet sometimes and do it until i wee..
what you are doing is actually called squirting,


profoundly of guys are actually really turned on by it,and will come looking for a girl that can, but it is good to put on alert them before they start doing anything because it can make for a horrid shock if they aren't expecting it. good luck. .
i highly doubt it is in fact pee, it's probably female ejaculate. you are hitting your g-spot and a lot of guys similar to it when a girl squirts. they find it hot. also, it's nice that you do it over the toilet that way you don't get things raining, and um not too many girls can do that, so feel special and not feeling guilty or ashamed. try going pee before you masturbate. if that doesnt work i doubt its pee because sometimes when you get fingered when you hit the g spot it make you feel like you enjoy to pee but what is happening is your probably squirting. dont worry nearly it..
Both teen boys and girls have problems with bed wet because their bladders haven't finished growing. It is likely the control you have over your bladder will grow as you become elder. For now urinate before and enjoy a towel on the bed. It very well may be urine, if so jump to the bathroom before. However there is a item called female ejaculation which cause a gush of fluid.
read more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_ejac... .
i really doubt its pee, U ARE SQUIRTING. dont be ashamed by it eww. umm go pee before you masterbate?

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