Two Periods surrounded by one month ONE week apart?

I had my normal term and then a week later i started again. the second one be like a normal extent too. Could it be from the morning after pill? or why did i have two?
Answers:    Periods that are too frequent (more often than every 28 days also call "metrorrhagia") can be related to several predisposing factors:

If the periods are otherwise common, then a short "luteal phase" or insufficient ovarian production of progesterone may be responsible. If the periods are inconsistent, afterwards failure to ovulate and the resulting anovulatory bleeding may be responsible. If the periods are in fact normal and once a month, but there are episodes of bleeding surrounded by between the periods, then power-driven factors such as fibroids or polyps may be responsible. Women with hyperthyroidism are classically described as experiencing frequent, fatty periods. They, in veracity, rarely show that pattern, but we usually eyeshade these patients for thyroid disease anyway.

Early stages of pregnancy might be a possible cause as well, but it could come about if you change your eating conduct, are stressed, have a lot on your mind, etc. Our emotion and hormones collide a lot.

I've experienced frequent periods too within the past that was cause by ovarian cysts.

There could be other causes for the frequent periods you are experiencing and I would recommend you see your doctor/gyno for further evaluation to see what they deduce could be causing this.

Good luck :).
It might be a side-effect from the morning after pill.
I'm not a doctor but it sounds like it,
this have happened to me, too.
but with the pill factor.
my doctor just said i was really irrgular.
and that my cycle hadnt completely finished
flushing out.. but it took a couple days.
so i have a wek long period, and then i get another one about 5-6 days later.
It would sustain to know how old you are, also when you first started menstruating. If you are young.
The morning after pill could bring you have break-through bleeding. I would wait until your subsequent period,and things should settle down to a more regular cycle pretty soon.

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