Why can I not wear tampons?

This may sound odd, but I am really upset by this. I hold tried wearing tampons twice in my life, I'm 13. The first time, I started sweating, I couldn't bearing, I staggered round the bathroom screaming, sobbing. I couldn't hear, and I was about to lightheaded when I pulled it out. After that I nearly vomitedd, and couldn't eat anything for the whole evening. I tried again just this minute, the exact sam thing happened. I be i a comfy position, I wasn't anxious, they were tiny tampons. I don't have tss, I spoke to a nurse going on for that and she said it isn't caused by that. I to a lifesaving session every friday, so i go swimming alot, but because of this i own missed important exams there etc... please relieve me.
Answers:    Oh my god! That sounds something like me. I asked a question a couple weeks ago if someone be going through the same thing I be going through, except I can't even put one in. One time I had one in the middle up and I started to gag, so hard I could barely concentrate on getting it out, and I couldn't stop shaking, and I feel nauseous and clammy for about an hour afterwards. It be the worst experience of my life. This one lady told me to travel sit in a bathtub beside a mirror and look. And practice with your finger. I know it sounds perverted, and I haven't tried it yet, and I'll probably never try it. But who know? Maybe her advice that was supposed to lend a hand me will help you. I've had mine for I don`t know three years now and I still can't get used to tampons. I'll probably never use one until I've experienced the authentic thang!

Edit: I'm sorry if I came off sounding for a while insensitive or perverted, but I try not to take topics like these too seriously, because later I'll start to shake a little bit. I'm shuttering right now..
There isn't a specific year define to when you are able to wear tampons, so you don't have to linger! I think that you should go see a gynecologist fairly than a nurse, and explain your symptoms to them. You mentioned that you tried the small tampons, but there are specific teen tampons that are on the market, and also slim fits. Maybe you own some sort of anxiety that something is inside of you or that you might not be able to get the tampon out. In any skin, I would say that you should go and see a gynecologist, or possibly a family doctor and they can help you out. hi, it shouldnt situation that you are a virgin, but it can take time for people to achieve used to tampons, it took me a few years especially at first as your concious a about wearing them, but you can keep persist but dont force yourself just try and be completley relaxed when inserting it, other then that hang about a while the best one o use is tampax compact because the applicator is alot smoother, the tampons you get in cellophane are difficult to use even i struggle near those and have been have periods for 10 years but dont pressure yourself into wearing them, and make sure you are putting them contained by far enough, but if you are certain you want to use them because of your swimming use the tampax compact they are the best ones, hope this have helped you xx.
Just know that tampons aren't for everyone. It may have not be inserted properly. Read the directions that come in the box carefully and try again...but if it happen every single time you use a tampon, don't use them again until you speak to a doctor. You may be allergic to something in them. this is a good one,if it hurts your probably not putting them surrounded by right, it sounds gross but try using a tampon without an applicator like ob, they step in a lot easier and are a different shape so theyre style more comfortable, otherwise ask your doc if using a t with no applicator freaks you out try using some personal lubricant such as ky or astroglide just to comfort you get it in, when inserted properly a tampon shouldnt hurt surrounded by fact other than the string you shouldnt touch it at all.
Li-lets do a tampon that comes with a short time bit of lubricant in each packet.

i couldn't use tampons any when i was younger but they were the ones that worked for me.

freshly take it slow and remember if it feels at adjectives painful or uncomfortable, adjectives you have to do is take it out..
I dont construe it has anything to do with you age1
The first time I used it nice of like the same article happened! But Just start using the ones of little fluid! Thats what I did, and little by little I increased the level, depending on how TOM was1 hihi
Well fitting luck my friend1 But PLEASE speak to you doctor before making any risks!.
awww i am like that too
i start shaking
you lately have to relax,
once it is in in that, sit down and breath deep breaths and swallow some water
im still trying beside the tiniest ones out there. but you will get it:)

spread your legs broad, put some vaseline on it so it slides it gently, and let walk on the applicator slowly, ! sit down afterwards and just wait till you dont be aware of it! DONT i repeat DONT EVER take it out right when its u p there, that hurts!

of late relax and breath.. its a part of life.. surmise when you get it.. itll be SOO easy!.
sometimes, your.um is shaped a in no doubt way, you may have a intricate time getting pregnant, so i guess you'd have a hard time putting quality newspaper there..wow,that sounded wrong! but it's true! i've seen tot mama, i know a few things...but it might be because of sensitivity in that area, too.

i hoped this help,im not an expert about that sorta thing, but i try to relief as much as i can.

you might want to try a different brand. that might have something todo with it..
Do not wear them. I can not wear them any and I have 7 children. They are very discomfited and I do not use them at all. It is the way you are made. It os ok do not verbs just figure you can not use them. Tell the herald of your swimming class she/he will understand. Are you a virgin? it may be that you are not developed enough to use a tampon.. a friend of mine who is a virgin never uses tampons because she say they hurt her. I could be wrong though.. If you are really worried, go see a gyno or talk to your mom..

pious luck sweety.
if your a virgin then you are still really tight in that nouns so it could be uncomfortable. Try using a smaller one and make sure you are putting it within right. that can cause alot of discomfort. If that don't work ask your mom or your doctor they can help. this is not exceptional. your swim instructor will understand. really! even if you can wear a tampon, avoid going into a pool. blood can and will go around a tampon. only just because many girls prefer to swim on their cycles doesn't mean that you own to..
i think that your body is still too small to cope with it.
but if you used stinking tampons that could also be the reason, if so, try a regular tampon. Maybe you have an allergy to something within the tampon. I'm not sure what the ingredients are in those things, but that would be my guess. Did you get the munificent with fragrance? Compare different brands, check out some at a health food store..
why would wearing a tampon trademark you puke ad start sweating? that makes no sense. the simply thing i can think of is that your body is allergic to the tampons or something. I'd bargain to your doctor though. i can't give you a good answer but i know someone who can. progress to www.DoctorSunyatta.com and ask her about it. she's a Gynecologist, so she can definately tell you what's going on. .
I do not similar to the kind with an aplicator I use OB engender sure you ae getting them up far enough if you ae hurting when you sit it is not in the right place. try something next to a pointier tip sound weird but try practicing near a carrot and vegetable oil.
I personally find I bleed more and clot alot more when I wear tampons...I know it's tough, and sometimes I repugnance it, but I think some people in recent times don't work well with them. try using lubricant x.
perchance you just arent meant to wear them. Some general public are allergic to them. It could be that you are a virgin...i dunno You could be allergic to the material. Please don't take the counsel of the person who said to use a carrot...you will be risking getting a major infection because carrot have all sorts of germs that are not supposed to go into your vagina. And a yeast infection is soooooooo miserable!

As far as inserting the tampon, you need to put it within really far. So if you are holding the applicator down at the bottom, you need to insert it all the route until your fingers are touching the outside of your vagina, that way you know you've got it within really far up. It hurts really bad when the tampon isn't inserted far enough inside of you..
First of adjectives being a virgin has nought to do with ones ability to use a tampon next to the one exception of a very tight hymen which is very unusual. Secondly, I estimate it was 1960 when girls were told that you couldn't use tampons until 2 years after your extent started, and that is completely ridiculous, they can be used anytime after you start. I would suggest trying several different brands and get the smallest size. For example, Tampax are terrifically long and narrow, OB tampons are shorter and wider. We are all built different so not every tampon will work equal for every woman. Last of all..DO NOT USE VASELINE, that itself can cause infection and clear the tampon not absorb, use a water base lubricant like KY.
If none of these work go see your relatives doctor or an OB/GYN. Even though it isn't that common, the most likely intention a tampon won't go in glibly is a tight hymen and that is a small, easy procedure to correct. It sounds approaching it made you very squeamish. Just the thought of something foreign inside your body. It may be something you can over come if you just hang on to trying. Just try not to think about it when you take it in there. Pretend it's not near. I had to get over something that be put inside my body and is going to stay there forever and it's at the base of the skin, I freaked for around a month, every time I seen it or touched it I felt impossible to tell apart feelings that you had, I would freak, but presently I'm over it. Good Luck girl, hope you get over the phobia..
First off, don't have a feeling weird about asking question like that. The only approach to get answers is to ask questions. There is no such point as a stupid (or odd) questions, just stupid (or odd) answers.

It could be a combination of things. 1) Being a virgin may create those kinds of reactions, but not that repeatedly...to me it sounds like that's not the real culprit. 2) You may be allergic to something explicitly in the cotton or the string, which seems more predictable or 3) The tampon is being inserted wrong and could be hitting a nerve. No sprain, just pressure on the right nerve will do that.

The big press is how long after you removed the tampon did you feel those symptoms? If they went away fast, you're probably experiencing #3, if they lingered for an hour or so longer, possibly #2.

Either way, I'm glad you asked a nurse give or take a few it, but I would strongly advise bringing it up again with your doctor/nurse..
Who is the moron that asked if you're a virgin? First, at 13, yeah I HOPE you're a virgin. Second, person a virgin has NOTHING to do with wearing tampons. What an idiot. Anyway, in attendance is nothing wrong with you. When I be your age (I'm 27 now) I couldn't wear tampons, either. Even slender or junior ones. It was tender, they just wouldn't go within. Your vagina is just too small right now. Don't force it. I know it's a dull pain, especially when you have to swim a lot but it's purely part of nature, deplorably. Everyone has to understand and bring in adjustments (meaning swimming coaches, phys ed instructors, etc) especially when dealing with girls your age. It's adjectives new to you and your body is going through some major change. I think by the time I was 15 or 16, perchance even 14, I could wear slender tampons. Now I wear super plus ones the first couple days of my period. No pain or discomfort at adjectives. So don't worry, just supply your body time to grow. Also, when you are ready to use tampons, Vaseline always help. Just smear it all over the part of the tampon that you insert surrounded by yourself. It will glide in smoothly. Never draw from nervous or panicky and never continue to do something that hurts. Also, take home sure you push it in far enough (again, it should not hurt at all). Once it's within, if it's up there far enough, you shouldn't quality it at all. Just make sure you go away enough string to pull it out then. Eventually, putting them in will be no problem at all and you'll forget you're wearing one. You're problem isn't uncharacteristic at all and I don't blame you for being upset around it. Just relax and everything will work out over time. :)
some people just don't approaching them and aren't supposed to wear them.
Maybe, deep down you were disconcerted, like sub consciously.

don't worry if you can't wear them. You don't enjoy to, and I know many people who don't wear them.
The unharmed stress of the whole thing isn't worth it. And they are humiliated at the beginning anyway, your body needs to return with use to them.
And, your only 13 anyway, you have MANY years to try them!

As for the swimming, you don't call for to wear one either, just sort sure that you've got a towel with you when you take out of the pool.

good luck! x.
you have to lurk 2 years before wearing them after you got your 1st term.

and some people just cant wear them, it make them sick
and if that happens again, don't try it again you can get really really sick from it.

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